David Templeton’s engrossing Christian novel Bread is a spiritual parable about the transformational power of relationships…..set in a divided world in which one life can make a difference.


Templeton’s prose is brisk, clear, comic and surprising….an offer of fresh angles on complex ideas with bursts of humor…. arresting, unsettling imagery and wholly surprising details


Here’s What Readers Are Saying:

“Bread: A Modern Parable,” is not about politics, religion or psychology. It does offer political, theological and psychological messaging, but only to transport the reader to deeper, more valuable truths. “Bread” infers that harsh and evil realities of life happen to everyone. In that regard, it explores the role of spiritual power derived from relationships, and treats redemption and grace as transformative minus the heavy handedness of lifeless, religious rule-keeping. The option of who we choose to give ourselves to relationally, spiritually and politically is prioritized and illustrated in an astonishingly creative and meaningful way. Unlike a fairy tale, this book also manages to highlight very real truths about the struggles of modern relationships and the role personal honesty and emotional bonding plays in them. A completely surprising and entertaining book”

-DM, California

A friend who knows I love to read, gave me a copy of this new book. David Templeton’s “Bread” is almost indescribable, except that it is more different than any book I’ve read. I found myself glued to the pages completely entertained, wondering what was about to happen. It made me think, laugh and weep. The imagery is definitely surprisingly meaningful. Nothing could have prepared me for the ending. This book left me feeling more hopeful.

-ML, Texas

This Book is Worth Reading!

I don’t read often. But this book made me laugh then made me cry. I loved the author’s use of symbolism and metaphor to create meaning. The ending is my favorite, it is very poignent and endearing.

I highly recommend the book Bread by David Templeton!

-Denise D., California

Great Read!

It’s a fictional book that you realize could very well be real life. Something to be very much aware of as you experience life’s journey. Excellent read. Couldn’t put it down!

-L. J., California

Loved This Book!!!

I love how easy it is to read. It feels wonderful in my hands. The story is amazing. I like how you can relate to current things going on. Be prepared to love these characters and want more…such a well thought out book. I enjoyed it a lot and cannot wait for more books

-Maryanne, Texas

The Answer Is Love:

What a wonderful book about the power and importance of community and relationships. These values transcend space and time. The answer is love!

-L.W., Wisconsin

Something For Everyone

This inspiring book was a joy to read with its jewels of insight into the intimacy of relationships and the benefits of living a God-conscious life. The numerous vignettes supporting the compelling storyline felt like God was speaking directly to me, uplifting my soul.

A great read, surprisingly creative, with takeaways for everyone.

-Debbie B., Arizona