A 30-something, married man, living in a mythic, contemporary city called Solé has come to terms with a horrifying reality. The presence of a malevolent serpent living in his torso is real and growing. Unless it is removed, he will plunge into an enormous, pitch-black void called ‘The Abyss’ and lose his soul. He realizes there is only one answer: An ancient sacrament that will cure the loneliness and isolation which is giving the serpent its power. But his redemption eludes him. This terrifying dilemma drives him to choose a path of discovery he believes will ultimately drive out the animal and heal his empty, inner world. He gets more than he bargained for. He realizes his internal conflict is also a microcosm of unfolding events in his beloved city, Sole, where evil has invaded, intending to kill, steal and destroy. Along the way he begins to discover if redemption, truth, and love are real or imaginary. The surprise for the reader is the unfolding drama, and the answer he finds in Solé is also a part of their world.